Covid 19 Stay healthy

How we take care of our guests

Welcoming, protecting and taking care of our guests has always been the goal of our way of hosting at Villa Rosmarino.

At the entrance and in the external areas, as well as in each room and in the two common living rooms, hand sanitizing gel, containing at least 70% alcohol ,will always be available to guests.
If guests will ask, we can provide surgical gloves and masks.

The hand sanitizing gel is avaialble in every room and in every common area.

The keys of the room and of Villa Rosmarino will be given already sanitized to the guests.

We developed a precise hygiene and sanitization program that touches all the rooms of the Villa, and all the indoor and outdoor areas.

The rooms, both during the daily cleaning process and upon the departure of the guests, will be sanitized with professional disinfectant products with the highest classification, recommended by the World Health Organization and by the Italian Ministry of Health, alcohol-based, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide according to the different surfaces which will be cleaned.

The products we have selected are made by Kemika Spa

The cushions and mattresses are covered with waterproof covers that are washed at 70 ° in the washing machine at each guest departure.
The covering of the headboards of the bed is changed at each guest change and they are sanitized with a product based on Hydrogen Peroxide.

At every guest change we sanitize the room with a room sanitizer using Ozone and UVC technology, Ultrazone Combi

The bedroom linen (sheets, pillowcases, towels) are washed by a professional “certified” laundry.

The white cotton bedspread is changed and washed at 70 ° in the washing machine at each guest departure. The curtain is sanitized with a hydrogen peroxide-based product at each guest change.

The air conditioning system was totally rebuilt from in February 2020. The filters are therefore new. The racks are cleaned regularly with an alcohol-based disinfectant (Sanidart).

In addition, the daily cleaning program includes a frequent disinfection of common areas (stairs, handrails, switches, handles, table and coffee-tables, etc.) more times during the day.

Breakfast will be served, as we have always done, to each couple of guests on their own table in the outdoor area, without a buffet. The breakfast tables, spaced as per regulations, will also be sanitized in the morning before the service and then several times during the day.

The kitchen worktops are regularly cleaned and sanitized with an alcohol-based product and Medical Surgical Device, compatible with the HACCP plan.

Guests will have swimming pool and beach towels disinfected by washing in the washing machine at 70 °.

The swimming pool of Villa Rosmarino is disinfected with chlorine and the level of free active chlorine is maintained between 1 and 1.5 mg / liter and pH 7-7.5.

Each guest must have 7 square meters of water available and therefore within our pool there may be up to 9 guests swimming at the same time.

If all 6 rooms are occupied, the sunbeds will be positioned in order to guarantee the social distancing of at least 1.5 meters between people not belonging to the same family.

The sunbeds and tables of the swimming pool and the wooden floor are sanitized at the end of the day with a chlorine-based solution.

We thank you for your attention and wish you a peaceful stay.