Discovering the Mount Portofino

A Boutique Hotel ON MONTE DI PORTOFINO Camogli


illa Rosmarino is a boutique hotel located on the Portofino mountain, in Camogli, one of the most famous fishing villages in Liguria. Overlooking the Golfo Paradiso, where Mount Portofino is reflected, it represents a popular destination, a design bed and breakfast in Camogli, both for those seeking relaxation and vacation, and for those seeking cultural experiences in a historical and naturalistic environment of exceptional interest. The Mount Portofino Natural Park, bordering the village, allows excursions and pathways with unforgettable scenery.

Your holiday in Camogli between Mount Portofino and Golfo Tigullio

Since the early centuries, Camogli has been one of the most romantic fishermen villages in the Mediterranean Sea. The fortified town erects itself over the Golfo Paradiso at the foot of the Mount
Portofino. Its traditional tall multicoloured houses are homes to ancient sea traditions and it’s been called since the last century “The town of the thousand tall ships”.

Camogli is also a favourite gourmet attraction for those looking for the true flavours of regional italian cuisine.
Pansoti (small parcels of pasta filled with wild herbs) , trofie with pesto (Ligurian pasta with fresh pesto sauce), focaccia di Recco (savoury pastry oozing with light melted cheese), the freshest of fish cooked in a variety of styles are only the starters to this immersion in the finest Italian cuisine.
The closeness to the age old Abbey of S.Fruttuoso di Capodimonte and the Doria Tower which can only be reached by boat or on foot through well tended and fascinating pathways, and also to Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, make it an ideal escape from everyday life.