Thousands choices between nature and amusement



illa Rosmarino is a wonderful boutique hotel in Camogli where you can relax in the large garden or by the pool with a good book, but if you want to get out of the gate you shouldn't miss a boat trip around Mount Portofino or the Cinque Terre. And if you are feeling energetic, we can organize a canoe trip to the enchanting Abbey of San Fruttuoso, or a trek on the mountain with an expert guide or independently. If you prefer to stay at the Villa, why not try a massage or an individual yoga class? And again, we can rent a motorbike or an electric bicycle for you to discover the beaches and the other villages. Or for gourmet lovers organize local cooking courses, visits to the oil mill and oil tasting, or to Ligurian wine cellars and tastings. In the evening, for dinner, local cuisine awaits you in one of the restaurants in Camogli, Santa Margherita and Portofino that we have selected for you.

Motorcycle rental

It is possible to have your scooter or Vespa delivered directly to Villa Rosmarino, for you to be able to move around and visit the places near the Villa in total freedom.

Boat trip

We can organize half day (or full day) trip to enjoy the sea between Camogli, San Fruttuoso, Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, with or without skipper.
Or a full-day boat trip to the Cinque Terre starting from Camogli or La Spezia.

Kayak and Paddle rental

It is possible to rent a Kayak for marine excursions that depart from Camogli or Portofino Furthermore, starting from Portofino, Sup excursions can be organized.

Massage and yoga

Awaken your mind and soul in a place of peace and beauty. Embrace an energy that will pervade you throughout the day. On request, it is possible to organize private yoga lessons with a professional instructor, or a relaxing massage directly at the Villa.

Walks & Trekking

We can organize excursions to Mount Portofino, either alone or with a guide, departing from Villa Rosmarino to get to San Fruttuoso, visit the Abbey and take a bath in its crystal clear waters. And finally enjoy a well-deserved lunch on the beach in the restaurants da Giorgio or Alla Cantina.

Cooking classes

For those passionate, we organize Ligurian cooking classes on request, where you will discover the secrets of Ligurian pesto, fresh pasta, homemade ravioli and a thousand other delights, so that you can serve them to your friends once back home.

Wine and Oil Tastings

If you wish, we will take care of organizing a visit to the mill to discover the techniques for producing extra virgin olive oil and taste its best qualities. The same thing can be done for the plenty of wineries in the area, homeland of splendid wines such as Vermentino, Pigato among many others.

Food & Drink

A wide choice of bars, restaurants and trattorias between the Golfo Paradiso and the Golfo Tigullio: Camogli: Ristorante Da Paolo, Trattoria Cucù, Enoteca La Bossa, Bar Nicco, Bar Bistingo, Bar Fata Morgana, Bar Primula. Punta Chiappa: Trattoria Do Spadin. San Rocco di Camogli: Trattoria La cucina di Nonna Nina and Bar Dai Muagetti for the aperitivo. Portofino: Da Puny, U Magazin, Bar Mariuccia, Winter Rose Wine bar. Paraggi: Langosteria. Santa Margherita Ligure: L’altro Eden